Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Favorite Blogs

I'm sorry for being MIA lately-- things are getting hectic with only 10 weeks left before baby arrives.

Anyway, if you guys are anything like me, I know how hard it is to wait for a favorite blogger to do a new post so I have a few I enjoy reading so I always know at least one will have a new post! I thought I'd share a few of my favorite go to blogs of the moment with you:

Mommy blogs:  The cutest mommy blogger! I love and appreciate how she's so open and honest about the realities of motherhood, it doesn't hurt that she's got amazing style either! ;) She's posted some cute, helpful videos lately as well! This mommy is SO creative and crafty and festive! She's great inspiration for celebrating any holiday in style! She's also incredibly funny and relatable. Did I mention she's incredible at chalk art and has her own etsy where she sells chalk art prints?? Seriously, check her out! I just don't know how this mommy does it. Her life seems like a sparkly, pastel wonderland! From her incredible wardrobe, her perfectly decorated home, her genius birthday party decor to her adorable little girl (who's always dressed in only the best clothing-- fit for a princess I might add!) it makes the term "super mom" actually exist in human form! Her style and creativity amazes me! Where do these mom's come from?? Is there a course I can take?? Sign me up! She has an etsy selling the most darling floral pieces that dreams are made of. And??? She's managed to make kiddie toys CHIC! How is that possible?

Home decor blogs: One of the founders of the everygirl-- and she's got the style to show for it! Love seeing how she makes her small space chic! Her home decor style is so clean and feminine! Just love it! If I could have my entire home look like hers, I would! She always has perfect pictures too! How do these bloggers do it?? Love how she decorated her tiny apartment so stylishly on a budget! Such an inspiration!

I'm expecting some shipments to come in soon with all sorts of baby goodies I can share with you guys so keep an eye out!

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