Friday, 31 January 2014

Favorite Face Products

I am extremely picky when it comes to facial products. I spent most of my life having extremely oily skin, recently I started getting dry patches on my cheeks and occasionally around the corner of my bottom lip. Since becoming pregnant everywhere on my face seems to be dry now, I am flakey and peeling everywhere, even on my eyelid just below my eyebrow! It has gotten to the point where it is painful in some spots (around my nose).

These are the products I can't do without-- oily or dry skin.

Olay Regenerist microdermabrasion and peel kit- This stuff is seriously a miracle worker. It leaves your face feeling unbelievably soft and cleans out all your clogged pores. It sloughs off all the dead skin cells and is amazing for anyone who has problems with dark spots and hyper pigmentation. I started getting dark spots my last year in high school and soon my entire cheeks were covered in them. I hated it and nothing I tried made it go away. I no longer have them and I think this product is one of the big reasons why. You can only use this every two days though, it literally strips the top layer off your skin so using it too often can make your face raw and sore.

Pond's cold cream cleanser- I use this to remove my makeup. It is the only product that gets every single bit of my makeup off (including eye makeup) and it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised.

D.I.Y oil cleanser- I will post a tutorial on this! It's a mixture of olive oil, Castor oil and tea tree oil. This is great for moisturising your face and removing dirt from clogged pores. (Don't mind the organic baby food container, it makes for great storage!)

Clarisonic Mia 2- I think everyone knows about this product and has heard all the rave reviews by now. Buy it, your skin will thank you. I use this every day, except on days I use my Olay kit.

These are two other facial products I love but am not currently using because they've finished.

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Night Cream- I adore this. I put it on my face after using the Olay kit or after washing my face before bed. It's super gentle and soothing and it leaves my skin soft, smooth and moisturised.

Pond's Clarant B3 moisturiser for normal to dry skin- I use this as my day time moisturiser before I apply makeup. This is also great for brightening skin and helping to fade dark spots.

Two things not pictured are tea tree oil and vitamin e capsules. Tea tree oil is great for spot treating any bumps that pop up on your face. I use a needle and burst the vitamin e liquid capsules and use the gel/serum inside on any dark spots after washing my face and it really helps fade them!

What are skin products you can't do without?

Update! Here's the tutorial on my DIY oil facial cleanser.

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