Thursday, 9 January 2014

Baby Essentials (and announcement...)

IT'S A BOYYY!!!! So excited to be able to be able to shop for nursery items and clothing (which will be more gender specific) now. We are trying our best to keep most things gender neutral so we can get future use out of the items.

Here's a snippet of a gender reveal photo shoot we did!

Since I found out I'm expecting, everything has been about baby mentally. I spend countless hours researching every baby product there is and deciding what we need to best fit our lifestyle. I always enjoy seeing lists of baby must-haves from mommies and expectant mommies so I figured I'd compile one of my own!

These are the things we've been loving/buying for baby lately:

Bum Genius cloth diapers - We plan on cloth diapering to save on cost and so baby doesn't have all those nasty chemicals found in disposables so close to his skin. BumGenius seem to get the best reviews and they conveniently come with all needed inserts (you don't have to buy anything separately). We chose the 4.0 one-size fits all version so they grow with baby. 

Aden & Anais swaddle blankets - I chose the bamboo swaddles in Mela because they are gender neutral and so pretty! These blankets got such great reviews and are nice and breathable which is essential, living on a tropical island. 

JellyCat Stuffed Animals - I simply ADORE these stuffed animals! I plan on buying a few more as well. My favorite is the light blue Bashful Rhino.

BARE Baby Bottles - I plan on breastfeeding but once I have to return to work I will have to pump and  use bottles for baby. These seem to be an easy transition for a breast feeding baby and helps to prevent gas!

Lamaze Mortimer the Moose - He is just too adorable -- I couldn't resist! He's a great learning toy, he sqeaks, two of his feet crinkle and one rattles, his antlers are great for chewing on when baby is teething and he's got a loop for hooking those plastic rings on that babies seem so fascinated by. There's also a girl version named "Muffin the Moose", too cute!

We haven't purchased all that we need yet, so here are a few more things we plan on buying:

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bibs - These are perfect for preventing milk from getting into baby's sweet little neck rolls!

Gerber Cloth Diapers - I actually plan on using these for burp cloths! A friend recommended them because they are so absorbent. 

Solly Baby Wrap - I have researched just about every baby wrap/carrier out there and this one has been my favorite so far. 

Woombie - These swaddles are great-- super easy and baby can't wriggle out of it! It's also better for when baby gets stronger and can break out of the velcro swaddlers. We plan on using sleep sacks once he gets too big.

Zo-li Baby Nail Trimmer - This is a BIG must-have since I'm wayyy too clumsy to go anywhere NEAR those teeny baby fingers with a nail trimmer. The Zo-li is basically an electronic nail file.

Vulli Natural Rubber Chew Toy - I know Sophie is the go to teether for most moms but I feel it's a little too girly for a boy. This little guy is adorable and is very similar to Sophie. 

Phillips Avent Pacifier - These got great reviews and come in pretty colors, they're also BPA free.

Brica Baby In-Sight Mirror - This is great for keeping an eye on baby those first few months the carseat isn't facing you.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow - I already have a Boppy but I've read alot of reviews that say this nursing pillow offers a better fit and better support for the newborn stage.

Fisher-Price Rock n' Play Sleeper - This is what our little one will be sleeping in at first. The angled and not completely flat angle it keeps baby at helps reduce colic and tummy troubles. It also can rock to soothe baby back to sleep when he stirs.

I am also considering a BUMBO, however, I don't know how much (and for what) we'll use it and don't want to spend money on something we never use. Any advice/tips about the BUMBO, those of you mommies who have tried it?

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post- "Nursery and Clothing Must-Haves"! Also keep an eye out for a "What's in my Diaper Bag" post!

Feel free to leave any tips/advice about must-haves for you in the comments!


  1. Get the Bumbo, you'll love it. Our little girl love to sit in it & she loves sitting in it on the counter while I'm cooking (fully supervised & buckled in of course).


    1. Thanks so much for the advice!

      P.S. You are the first commenter on my blog! Thanks! :)