Monday, 19 August 2013

First Blog Post! (Vintage "Good Luck" Pigs)

Hello blog world!

This is officially my first blog post! I'm so excited to start this blog and see where it takes me!

"With Love, From Paradise" will be a place where I share about the things I love, you can expect to see lots about interior design, D.I.Y. projects, fashion and maybe even some recipes.

I had hoped my first blog post would be about something big and exciting-- like my husband and I purchasing our first house, but that just isn't happening for right now and I absolutely could not wait any longer to start the blog!

My first post is about the most fabulous brass vintage-y goodness that are these little piggies:

I recently stumbled across them on and HAD to have them! I was searching for cute vintage pig figurines/bookends.  I've had an affinity for pigs ever since my mother read the book "Perfect the Pig" to me as a little girl.

They are asian "good luck" pig figurines so they have asian writing/markings on their backs.

I googled them only to discover that these pigs come in a variety of other materials, and thus, a collection was born! I am currently waiting on this little guy (the resin version) that I won in an ebay auction:

In my searching, I came across this beautiful carved quartz/marble version on ebay but before I could snatch him up, the ad expired, I've been looking for one like him ever since.

Isn't he stunning??! If anyone knows where I can find one like him, please let me know!

There are also other versions, boxwood and I think "purple clay"...I'm still on the lookout for others! The boxwood and resin seem relatively common and I've only found the brass one other time since I purchased mine. I haven't seen any other quartz so far.

Please feel free to leave feedback or let me know what you'd like to see me post about in the comments, but please be kind! :)

I hope you've enjoyed my first post! I will make sure to post several times a week-- if not everyday, so watch this space!

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